Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hypocrites make me sick, and that's not easy to do.

NOTE: I have nothing against Christians; I am one myself. But when they abandon the bulk of the Bible to back up one point and use it to spread hate, it pisses me off.

Above is a link to a ridiculous, outrages video speaking out against pro-gay "propaganda." You know why people have been more accepting of gays in the past few decades? Well, it's because WE LIE!!! WE TRICKED YOU ALL! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's the sort of thing this video is preaching. It is the epitome of senseless propaganda, the very thing it accuses us (being the gay community) of doing. They complain about being arrested at anti-gay "peace" rallies. Preaching hate and intolerance cannot lead to peace. If the KKK stood outside the church at a wedding between a black man and a white woman, screaming hateful things and holding signs calling the event an abomination, wouldn't you expect them to be arrested? It's "disturbing the peace" at the very least. They claim that the first amendment rights are being denied to Christians. Just because we enforce the same hate crimes onto the church as we do all groups doesn't mean that they don't have freedom of speech. We wouldn't allow anyone to broadcast hateful blather on public T.V., why should Christians be the exception?

Fifty years ago many people, including Christians, spoke out against equal rights for African Americans. I feel we may be heading in the same direction. I'm sorry if that offends anyone, and I don't mean to belittle or generalize the struggle and achievements of African Americans. In contrast, I wish to bring to light the seriousness of anti-gay movements. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being called an abomination! I hope I'm not alone in saying that I will stop at nothing until I am given the same rights as straight people and don't have to live in fear and secrecy, afraid that my orientation will prevent me from getting a job or being published, or even provoke an attack on me if I were to become too public with it.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life and Stuff

Sometimes I wish I was 13 again and my life were as simple as it was then. As an adult, when you truly realize how big the world is and everything that's in it, it's exhilarating, but also frightening. It makes you question all that you believed in as a child. It's like everything that was once solid fact is now up to question, and you have to decide what you truly believe in and what beliefs you only followed because you were told to. Your whole world-perception gets scattered and thrown into the air, and what falls back to the ground is often not what it was before it was tossed. You have to rearrange everything. For instance, friendship is now one of my foremost priorities, and when I was younger it meant nothing, as I had very few friends. I used to think I was so jaded. Now I realize that I was never jaded, I was just pessimistic and hormonal. And now that there's so much more reason to feel jaded and depressed, and yet I love my life, even though sometimes it scares me shitless, and other times it pisses me off, and still other times it makes me quite sad. I love all of those things. It makes the good times seem even happier. When you take the time to face what sucks and what hurts and what's scary, it makes life altogether more enjoyable, knowing that bad things do happen, and being ready to deal with them, and making a point to remind yourself that life doesn't always sucks. It kind of takes the edge off, so when things do go wrong, at least you're not surprised by it, and it doesn't seem like such a big deal. It's just one of those bad things that happen. And when the good times roll around, they're made even more awesome by the fact that you know it won't last, because you make it a point to appreciate them so much more.

And now I don't wish I was 13 anymore.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Let the Right One In

This 2008 Swedish film somehow managed to be cute, romantic, and disturbing all at the same time. Kind of like what I imagine what Stephanie Meyer was going for with Twilight, only, you know, good.

I'll try not to give too much away, but if you absolutely must not know anything about the movie, I suggest not reading this post. Otherwise, read on, and hopefully you might consider seeing the movie yourself. If you don't want to shell out the $18.00 or so, I suggest you seek alternate methods of obtaining the movie, *wink-wink*

Let the Right One In centers around Oskar, a frail, bullied 12 year old boy with a lot of rage and hatred pent up inside of him. Oskar has no real friends until the mysterious Eli moves in next door. Eli is a 12 year old girl, and she is also a vampire. In Eli Oskar finds someone to share his darker feelings with, and Eli encourages him to fight back against his bullies.

The relationship between Eli and Oskar is a lot like puppy love, only deeper and darker. Oskar doesn't find out what Eli really is until later in the movie, but he is suspicious from the beginning. They are both young, and they act their age. Though we never find out how old Eli is, she says at one point "I'm 12, but I've been 12 for a long time." She still has the mindset and impulses of a 12 year old. The love between the two is rather touching, and there is clearly a deep connection between them beyond the usual 12 year old range of emotion, though I don't think either of them clearly understands it. It's unhealthy to say the least, but that's what it's like to be in love with a vampire.

Also present in the story is an unnamed old man who takes care of Eli. We never find out how Eli and the old man know each other, but my personal theory is that he fell in love with the young vampire as a boy, and has been with her ever since. Eli doesn't enjoy killing. The old man, wishing to spare Eli the pain of it, goes out and finds unfortunate victims to kill and drain for Eli. The relationship between the old man and Eli is sweet, and rather unsettling. There's a lot of that in this movie.

Meanwhile, a group of adults that live in the small town have grown suspicious of new man and his "daughter," what with all the recent killings, and one man even saw Eli kill and feed upon a man when her protector failed to collect blood for her. That scene is one of my favorites; it's gritty and violent, disturbing, and it would fit well in a horror film. But the emotion Eli displays afterward, when she breaks down and sobs over the mans dead body, makes it hard to see Eli as a monster.

The movie is filled with emotion as Eli and Oskar explore their feelings for each other, as well as a drama as the group of adults dive deeper into the mystery that has befallen them. The plot is spattered everywhere with blood and corpses, yet I wouldn't call it a horror movie. It all culminates in a rather shocking and disturbing end that will leave you gasping, and possibly throwing up. Seriously, it's fucked up. It is the epitome of the twisted themes present in the rest of the movie, and you'll probably find yourself fighting back tears over the sweet emotion between the two main characters, while at the same time trying not to vomit from the terror and evil of it all. It takes all of the emotions displayed over the course of the film and throws them all at you at once, leaving you not quite knowing what to think.

Overall, an excellent film and a refreshing divergence from the increasingly regurgitated Hollywood formula. Not for the faint-heart or the narrow-minded (by the way, if you're narrow minded gtfo off my blog, I don't like you.), fans of the darker side of entertainment will enjoy this movie.